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NEW TOA MA-725F Matrix
The new TOA MA-725F-AM Matrix Amplifier is developed from years of experience providing mixer-amplifiers for the retail industry (with a client list that's a virtual "who's who" of retail) and with the cooperation of some of its top players, the MA-725F-AM is designed to address the demand for a simpler and more cost-effective, mid-level background music and paging systems needing higher power with multiple zones. Just as advanced as some of its high-priced kin, but without the complicated setup or programming required by many other solutions.At its core, the MA-725F-AM is a 6-input matrix mixer: 4 of its inputs are configured for BGM or other line-level sources, while two balanced inputs are designated for priority sources, such as paging mics or message players. This is coupled in a single chassis with a 4 x 250W (@70 or 100V) Class D amplifier, capable of driving large speaker compliments with maximum efficiency. A totally digital product sporting 24Bit/48kHz digital sound quality, its simple user-interface belies its advanced inner workings. The only controls any user needs to access are the front panel source select buttons and four output level (zone) controls. All other controls are placed on the rear panel to prevent unauthorized tampering. An optional wall control (WP-700-AM) can be connected via a single CAT5 cable to each of the four output channels, allowing access to volume and source select.The digital mixer section also features a menu of 32 speaker EQ presets (selectable by dip-switch), factory-loaded to optimize the sound of most popular TOA PA speakers. It even provides settings to allow bi-amping with subwoofers. Additional memories are also provided for storing custom EQ presets. TOA will also offer a non-powered (MM-700F) Matrix Mixer only) version for use with other amplifiers.

The HHD264 is a family of HDMI over LAN Senders (encoders) and Receivers (decoders) that utilize the latest H.264 encoding with user definable bit-rates to distribute multiple Full HD video signals on the local area network (LAN) with unparalleled clarity and performance. The devices also extend IR control and bi-directional RS-232 communication.An important feature of the system is its ability to switch Receivers on the fly to show the video of any Sender on the network using Hall Research's DVM (Dynamic Virtual Matrix™) technology. Switching is accomplished by using:
  • Dip Switches on each device (for easy set-and-forget)
  • Built-in Webpage (WebGUI) in each unit (accessible from any browser)
  • Telnet Commands (ideal for third-party control of switching)
  • Using a PC running Hall Research's free Manager Tool software